Today, we as a great nation celebrate. We celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as well as celebrate Barack Obama becoming the United States first African-American president. This nation, great and proud, has come a long way from the struggles and differences of yesteryear.

Yet, forgive me for not celebrating loudly with you all. Forgive me for the sadness that is on my face. However, I will not ask for forgiveness for the tears that I cry. My tears are of pain – and great joy.

My tears of joy are for the fight of our ancestors that have made it possible for history to be made today. Their pain – the marches and the beatings – were not in vain. Dr. King, along with other civil rights leaders, paved the way for this day to come.

My fellow Americans, forgive me for being the bearer of bad news in these joyous times. Although our journey has yielded some victories – the journey is far from over. We will only reach the end of the road, which we call the Promised Land, by lovingly joining together.

Dr. King did not just speak of equal rights for blacks. He spoke about equality among all minorities, which includes race, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation and social class. Dr. King also stood for peace, both abroad and at home.

However, in order for us to truly love one another and bring positive change into this world, we must first learn to love ourselves. We must become the change we want to see.  We must all step up and make change – even when others are afraid. Men must actively become fathers to their children. Women must honor and guard their self-respect.

The dream will become a reality but we must first stand up against injustice. While we are all created equal, we are still not all treated as equals. Poverty, segregation and discrimination still exist – they are just more hidden now. The best education goes to those in higher economic classes and better neighborhoods. Programs in the lower economic communities are the first to get cut. Giving the rich more educational opportunities will not better this great nation – or the world. The goal should be for all people to live a peaceful life – so that peace will travel far and wide.

We have not yet overcome but we will overcome soon. We will not be free until all are free from oppression. Yes, change is happening – and change is coming. Keep dreaming. The Promised Land is at hand. So let me cry my tears of joy and pain for the greatest race, the human race. I will celebrate loudly with you all soon enough – but for bigger reasons than what is taking place now. Peace be with you.


“A DREAM DEFERRED/CHANGE NOT YET COME”, is a excerpt out of You Ain’t Hungry Until I’m Starving by Vid Lamonte’ Buggs Jr.


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Vid Lamonte’ Buggs Jr is the author of You Ain’t Hungry Until I’m Starving and Vid’s Viddles. Copyright© 2018 http://www.vidbuggs.com.


I am Hurting.


I am hurt because after all these years and through all  the tragedies, we haven’t figured out that we are all humans who are similar and who are seeking love, happiness and acceptance. We are more similar than different.

It hurts to see how far we’ve come as a nation but to realize that we have so much farther to go.

It hurts that anytime you speak about the injustices in America, you are labeled as being unpatriotic. As if a person cannot want to see improvements in something or someone they love and care for.

It hurts to see so many of our people treated unjustly, but in the eyes of others they are the subject of blame for the injustices that has occurred against them.  Like telling a rape victim, “if they didn’t wear a dress they wouldn’t have been raped.”

It hurts to see how people react when People of Color and Women protest or march.

It hurts to have to walk out the house, drive a car or enter a store with extra caution, when other people do not have to even think about being cautious at all.

It hurts to be profiled.

It hurts that every time we leave a loved one, the words “be careful” are said because we know the targets that we carry on our backs.

It hurts to see so many people enjoying the music of Nas, Tupac, Bob Marley and Michael Jackson but act as if they are surprised that police brutality and a corrupt justice system exist.

It hurts that there is proof of past corruption in the justice system; proof of corrupt programs and activities lead by our government, yet people will not admit that corruption still happens within our government and justice systems presently.

It hurts to see a man lose his life over cigarettes and the only person arrested for a crime was the man who recorded the murder on video.

It hurts that when people say “Black Lives Matter”, others say “All Lives Matter” in response.  Saying “Black Lives Matter” doesn’t mean Only black lives matter.

In fact, it hurts more when people say “All Lives Matter”.  If All lives mattered than we wouldn’t have people on death row, hunting would be illegal and we wouldn’t be fighting wars. If all lives matter people would speak up when other’s lives and rights were being lost, not just when a cop or dog loses a life.

It hurts that majority of the world see the injustices that take places against “People of Color” in the U. S. but majority of the U.S deny these injustices take place.

It hurts how the media and society portray and try to divide us.

It hurts to associate with so many people who are not taking a stand against the injustices that are taking place.

It hurts that our culture is accepted, misuses and stolen but we as a people are not accepted.

It hurts that we have to use disclaimers in order for others to understand we aren’t talking about “all police, whites, blacks, woman, etc.”

It hurts that I could write until the end of time and you will never understand the hurt I feel and the injustices I experience every day.

What hurts the most is the fact that I had to write this.


Vid Lamonte’ Buggs Jr is the author of You Ain’t Hungry Until I’m Starving. Copyright© 2016 http://www.vidbuggs.com. Copyright © 2016 http://www.4-U-NiquePublishing.com. Material is copyrighted but free to repost with proper listed credit, including our website addresses.

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Change Comes When?



“Ghana has something to say to us. It says to us first that the oppressor never voluntarily gives freedom to the oppressed. You have to work for it. Freedom is never given to anybody. Privileged classes never give up their privileges without strong resistance”- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Let this quote sink in for a minute. Many of us say that we follow the teachings of Moses, Jesus, Ghandi, MLK and so on; but our actions do not match up with the messages they taught. Some of us are blinded by the privileges that we have(white privileges, wealth privileges, Christian privilege, educational and political privileges), that we don’t care to see the misfortune of others. Most of this is due to not wanting to give up our privileges. However, by universal law, the more you give the more you will receive.
How can you say that you would have or you support these great people and their causes when what they spoke against/for are still issues that occur today and you act like they aren’t there? It’s mind blowing how many people say that their favorite artist is 2pac, Bob Marley or John Lennon but are surprised when racial, socio-economic and political injustices occur. Furthermore, how can anyone that knows history be shocked or outraged at people boycotting and rioting. The Boston Tea Party was a boycott and a riot. History shows that change only comes when there is a strong resistance against the oppression or those that are privileged.



Vid Lamonte’ Buggs Jr is the author of You Ain’t Hungry Until I’m Starving.Copyright © 2015 vids-world.com. Copyright © 2015 4-U-NiquePublishing.com. Material is copyrighted but free to repost with proper listed credit, including our website addresses.